Sucks to be Ambrose

Having trouble re-starting your ride…when you were good to go on fuel to the end.

I felt awful for him.  To be honest, Chad Kanaus was a bit of a dick about the whole thing.

Nice to see Tony get a win.  Iowa is not always a great race. 

Lets park Milka forever:

“When the field went back to green, Marco Andretti started a charge to the front, quickly picking off Scott Dixon and honing in on Power for the lead. Would this be the day Marco would get his first win? Only time would tell. A split second later we almost had our answer as the lead duo were about to lap the dangerously slow Duno. The two drivers split to either side of her but rather than maintain her line as they passed, Milka shifted up track, right in front of Marco. That caused the young driver to check up, almost allowing Dixon back past him into second.

Just nine laps later the leaders were again going past Duno, prompting just about everybody watching the race to scream in unison for the stewards to black flag her. Thankfully they heard our pleas and Duno’s day was done. It’s not that she’s a bad driver – well, maybe a little – but her car was clearly underperforming and perhaps she was still a little gun-shy from her qualifying crash.”

Recap from AP.

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