How to Run a Successful Weekend

Had a really great morning in my first fly class.

Before I talk about the session…let me sing the praises of the Orvis Staff in Buckhead.

Dennis was my casting instructor.  He has been doing it for a long time, and it really shows.  He set us all up in a group and showed us the basics.  Also gave us individual attention on casting for 2+ hours.  I would have paid a buttload of cash for a class like this.  As for the inside class, I learned about baSpec-tacularsic equipment and some knots to try.  It was also useful information.

For the casting session:

We set up in the parking lot behind the store with a Clearwater II rod.  The rod is a great piece of equipment and I would love to have one.  We were all on the hash marks for the parking lot, and casting across the way.  I think I did pretty well.  My 2 biggest cast flaws are not pausing at the top of the takeaway…and passing 2 o’clock on my downcast.  I also tended to use way too much body and arm motion.  These are things I am going to have to work on in casting sessions at home.  I think most of the habits come from years of spinfishing and even dare I say golf.  I ended up throwing some really tight loops by the end of the session.  Lots of progress.  I think I have found a hobby that I will really enjoy.  Now I need to get a combo rod that I can use for trout or bass and I will be good to go.

I got a membership to Trout Unlimited and a 15 dollar orvis gift certificate.

I used the gift certificate to get a Tilley hat.  I like the hat a lot.

I think the next step is a fishing trip with the Orvis folks.  Probably on the ‘Hooch or a pond in Georgia.

Also met some cool folks that kayak fish down in Peachtree City.  They told me about the Georgia Kayak Fishing Club.  I think I may end up spending some time with them.  I am also going to hit the next TU meeting in Marietta.

It was all Very exciting stuff, and a really rewarding Saturday.

2 thoughts on “How to Run a Successful Weekend”

  1. “I think I have found a hobby that I will really enjoy.”

    These are my words too! 😀 And you used my rod too! I have purchased a Clearwater II 9ft. 6wt. TIP-flex (matched with a Clearwater III reel) from the Orvis store in NY, this January.

    There are two things very special about that (specific) rod:
    1. It’s my first fly fishing rod and the only one that I have hooked fish with, and
    2. It is a present from my beloved girlfriend.

    I wish I could stay longer in New York to enjoy some big river fishing (I have never gone fishing in the USA). If I could change something I would probably take a 8,6ft. 5wt. as it is the best choice (in my opinion and the little experience that I have) for Greek rivers.


    1. very nice. I am still trying to decide what weight I want to get for the long term. I will also be doing some bass and bluegill fishing with it… so I might stick with the heavier weighted rod.

      We go to New York now and then too. My wife has relatives on Long Island.


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