Sliders Suck

I thought of this today during a work function. Through the course of my job, I attend lots of events. Many of those events are catered. I have a lot of respect for caterers (especially this one)…who usually do an outstanding job. I do however; need to point out an outdated trend that many caterers and a few restaurants are still clinging to.

Sliders are ovNo. No. Done. We don’t need any more tiny burgers, pork sandwiches or chicken nuggets on little (generally stale) buns.

I mean seriously. Tell me the last time you had a really really good slider? Oh really? Well….try this…tell me the last time you had a really good slider from a CATERER!

If you just said some date within the last year. You are lying, plain and simple, because there is not a caterer in the world that can make a slider that tastes worth a damn.

Restaurants can’t do it well for the most part (though I hear there are some exceptions).

So to the caterers out there….move on. I hear bacon is big. or popsicles…or even artisanal soda.

Is there a food trend that is dead to you?

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