Black Tot Day

Today is “Black Tot Day”.  Conveniently on a Friday. 

So go have a nice big swig of the best rum you can find.

Black TotFrom the Pusser’s Facebook page:

Guided missile destroyer HMS Fife, at Pearl Harbor and close to the international date line at the time, made the last regulation Up Spirits call to be heard anywhere in the world. The grog issue was observed with exaggerated pomp and circumstance. On the ship’s small flight deck American television cameras recorded the event.

The rum tub of shining oak, with brightly polished lettering on its side, provided evidence of an affectionate preparation for its final duty. Slowly the ship’s company began to muster, many sporting black arm bands. Some were dressed in drab mourning clothes and even Long John Silver was there with a lifeless parrot on his shoulder. This pleased the cameramen but the American reporters by their questioning, ‘What’s all this fuss over a glass of rum?’ obviously found it difficult to comprehend what the rum issue had meant to the British Navy.

As noon approached (Hawaiian time), a lament was played on the pipes and the men silently formed a queue by the tub. Suddenly the call came over the broadcast, ‘Secure. Hands to dinner, rum issue is now taking place on the flight deck.’

Under the eye of the officer of the day the issue began, and as tots were consumed, so the tot glasses were thrown over the ship’s side in a mock gesture of farewell. When all was over, the rum breaker itself was carried aft and committed to a watery grave to the accompaniment of a twenty-one gun salute.


One thought on “Black Tot Day”

  1. Good morning,

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