Friday is here – Time to Splice the Links

Lets play a game called spot the Pappy.

Thought I was not going to make it for a while this week.  Sinuses kicking my ass.  But I did. and here is your Splice Link Round-up

Work has been slowly kicking my ass.  I need a diversion. Time away.  Something.  Sarah Kate’s birthday is coming up.
I need to put in some work on a slideshow for her.
If I were still 25…I would totally go here!

From the “absolutely the coolest thing I have found this week” file: 
WWII Today

Link Round Up

This is also really a very cool color photo slideshow of life in the US from 1939-43 (Credit to Jenna McKenzie)
Apparently the northern lights were very awesome.
Jennifer Nettles is a keen judge of her own talent.
I realize that some of my friends are health freaks.  But this? Really?
Mark Wahlberg rescued his son from an octopus. Couldn’t he have just talked to it?

Cracks me up.  I mention canning, then a couple days later the LA times is all over it.  Trendsetter!
If you know me at all…you are likely aware of my love for all things Sean BrockThis article is really great.
The best part is the conversation about pig breeding.

“What breed are you going to use?
It’s still in the experimental stage. No pig sex has been started yet, and we probably won’t complete it until February or March, but I’m thinking we’ll take a Berkshire and a Red Wattle, because of their build, their fat-to-meat ratio and their growth rate.
Once we breed them we’ll have a Berkawattle.
We like how the Duroc pigs are proportioned, so we plan to breed a Duroc boar to a Berkawattle sow, and we’ll get a Berkawattleroc. Then we’ll breed a Berkawattleroc with an Ossabaw boar and get a Berkawattlerocabaw.

The names just kill me.
There is also a Brock video this week…talking about benne plants.

This tomato recipe will be making an appearance at our house.
I love this idea…but can’t we just put them on buns and call them well, you know…burgers?
(I think you know how I feel about sliders)

Fly Fishing
Our Future?

I did a guest Q+A on Triple League Racing this week.  It should be up soon.

NASCAR is road racing at the Glen.
ALMS and IndyCars are at Mid Ohio.
This is a bit of good news for the ALMS.

If you are not following my Tumblr you are missing half the fun.


Jill Wagner is cute.

Have a great weekend!

The winner!
Britney from BB12 LOVES Fridays!

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