Saturday Dinner

BBQ and fried okra.  Good dinner tonight.

I have already made enough good stuff from this book.  To make it well worth the price my wife paid for it.
Fried okra, Chicken Purloo so far.  Both were really good.

Chicken Purloo - Courtesy of the Southern Food Alliance Flickr Page

More fried okra tomorrow (we got it for cheap at the Marietta Farmer’s Market)

I need a break from this heat.  It is killing me.

Maybe a pool day tomorrow if we can get there.  Having a baby makes everything a scheduling thing.

Oh and the guitar is finally off getting new strings.

I think I hear the cocktail shaker calling my name.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Dinner”

  1. Babies dictate the schedule that everything depends on! Funny, but my guitar is in need of the same thing. I’ve had it since college and I played it (with 5 strings) when Parker was born…then he broke two more strings and I haven’t picked it up since. I need to get mine restrung too!


  2. Yeah, I was way due for new strings. I saw your post about the car seat. Too funny. Sarah Kate does the same thing. She will ride forever in that thing…but you get her out…and it is HELL getting her back in.


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