Fridays…you know I love ya!

Plenty to talk about this week….from a long list of recipes to Andy Rooney.  I will cover it all.

A bourbon Lineup.
I spot some Van Winkle in there

The Super-talented John Dagys broke some news this week that should make those of us attending Petit LeMans very happy.
Audi to run 2 car entries in the Intercontinental Cup

Big Brother 12 is one of the weirdest seasons ever.

I mean it seems as though none of the players want to do anything it would take to actually win.

Take some time to read this well-crafted rant from the boss at Top Gear about the identity of the Stig.

I want these shorts!

Death by gluttony! (Fat Guy Fly Fishing is side column-worthy)

Rachel Bilson should spend more time in a bikini

I think it is funny that the folks in my office are taking a step-counting challenge so seriously…that they are already accusing folks (namely me) of cheating.  I think what I find most hilarious is that they think I actually care enough about the contest to cheat.  Makes me laugh a lot.

This week’s Sean Brock fanboy updates:
The Washington Post has a profile (with a cool technique for mashed potatoes)
“First, Brock contracts with a farmer to grow a variety called Nicola. Next, he cooks them sous-vide, sealing them in plastic and simmering them in a water bath for one hour at 71 degrees Celsius (or 160 degrees Fahrenheit), a temperature at which the potato expels its starch. The potatoes are then dunked in ice water, which gels the starch so that it can easily be discarded. The potatoes are then resealed and cooked again in a water bath, pushed through a ricer to remove the skins and blended with butter and milk. The result is a rich puree with an airy, almost marshmallowy consistency.”

The Charleston Post is doing a series on the opening of Sean’s new restaurant, Husk.

Recipe Rundown:
The Daily Dish: Pan-Seared Striped Bass with Tomato Vinaigrette
We made this tonight – The Pioneer Woman – Fried Round Steak

Sometimes I bitch so much I feel like Andy Rooney.  Although I have to say that he has pretty much raised bitching to an art form.

God help my wife if I live to be his age.

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