Sick Kid, New Glasses, a Chatty Barista and Alison Brie

Saturday was fairly productive.
I rolled all over Atlanta looking for a pair of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.

Tried several places before I found a pair I loved at The Fish Hawk in Buckhead.

Costas in the Car
New glasses...same old smug

I can check a good pair of polarized glasses of the list of things that I need.  I sure hope I can hang on to them for a while…if not my wife might kick my ass.

Sarah Kate was dealing with a fever all weekend.

She went with her mom to a consignment sale on Saturday, but we called the nurse line Saturday afternoon when the fever was not getting any better.

Had to cancel dinner plans on Saturday night.

Sarah Kate feeling puny...getting love from Mom

By Sunday morning we were still dealing with a fever so we took her to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care Clinic at Town Center.

This place is serious business. I mean if you get there before they open, then you have to take a number to wait outside.  We were #8 in line.  Getting there early was a great idea, though, as they opened at 9 and we were done and home before noon.  She has an ear infection.  This makes the third one she has had in a year.  Not too bad from what I hear from other parents.

10 questions with Alison Brie.  (My current ladycrush)

There was some good racing over the weekend.
Boris Said won the Nationwide race in Montreal.
Dario eeked out a win at Chicago.
The ALMS race at Mosport ended after a mistake from Johnny Cocker took out a big length of guardrail.

Will leave you with a final story.  I am not in any way, shape or form a morning person.  I am generally not awake till after coffee, or 9:30 or both.  The last thing I would like to deal with on my drive to work is a chatty barista.  This is an actual conversation he had with me about my William Joseph decal on the Pathfinder.

Him: is that your son?
Me: huh?
Him: William Joseph, is that your son?
Me: No, it is a fly fishing company.
Him: Do you fish?
Me: Yea.
Him: I took my son fishing last week…he caught a fish.
Me: Awesome.  Can I have a stopper?

I wish I were better at mornings.

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