Back in the Saddle

I have been a bit slow with blog posts for the last couple of weeks, I am hoping that this is the start of a regular update process.

I have a new laptop — an Inspiron 17.  So far I really like it, despite the enormous size.  We needed a more powerful computer around the house to handle video work and some multimedia stuff.  This was a nice choice.  I would have probably preferred a MacBook Pro 17…but it just didn’t make sense money-wise.

I start the new gig on Monday, so this week is pretty much sitting back and relaxing all week.  I did do some cleaning up on Monday, and I have some stuff on tap for Friday also, but other than that…it will be a laid back sort of week.

I also realized that I have not posted any pictures from Petit.

Great Looking Crew
A good time was had by all -- Check out the full gallery!

Some link love…
I will gladly admit to being a bit of an Orvis Whore, but I want this

Two writers from the Chicago Tribune are touring the south on a BBQ roadtrip.  They made a stop at Bridges in Shelby.  Their review is very nice.  I know that I have been critical of Georgia BBQ in the past…I think the following sentence from their review of Fox Brothers speaks volumes:

“Georgia is the center from which the South ripples outwards, but its barbecue scene is anemic. Between Maurice Bessinger’s in Columbia and Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, I’d struggle to name a BBQ powerhouse along the I-20 corridor.”

I am adding Fishpond to the Links section,  I am loving the Boulder briefcase that my daughter got me as a congrats on the new job gift.

Minka Kelly, Sexiexst woman alive?

A Bailey top 5 for sure!
Any discussion? I will second the motion....

Part 2 of the travel list will be on the way later in the week…expect more regular updates to ensue.

One thought on “Back in the Saddle”

  1. That is a great picture of three drunks and my husband.

    You are an Orvis whore – and your wife’s reaction to a $400 awning would probably be harsher than the sun. I agree with the BBQ comment, Minka Kelly (while pretty) is a bit long in the face for me.

    and seriously, Monday was it for cleaning up? Really? boooo! <3.


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