Short Update

I have been really guilty of letting posts slip on the big blog.

This is due to a couple of factors, including the new job, and some rather busy weekends.  I noticed that I don’t really get a lot of hits on Friday night link posts, and those are some of my favorite things to do.  I am going to see if I can pick another day to do them.  I think they mostly get buried in the busy weekends that all of you have.

The new job is nice, I stay really busy, and there are a lot of plates that I need to keep spinning,  Learning the dairy industry has been a difficult proposition, even tougher than I thought it might be.

We have already had one crisis situation, a New York Times article on dairy that portrayed us in a negative way, and even had some rather poorly researched inaccuracies.  I was also disappointed that other news outlets didn’t really do their own research and ran with the article without any fact-checking.  It passed, and the media mentions have fallen off significantly in the last week or so.

Sarah Kate had a bad stomach bug this week.  She passed it on to the family (of course) and we are struggling with it now too.

Everyone here is ready for Thanksgiving…I am looking forward to putting some good stuff on the table.
I am also really excited for canned cranberry sauce.  I am such a sucker for that stuff.


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