Started on Thursday…

Watching a show about the way that Coca-Cola gets bottled. Things sure have changed since the days that I hung out in a bottling plant. That was a long time ago though.  Probably around 1980.

Field and Stream loves the Costa 580s.  I do too. I can’t say enough good things about them. Best glasses I have ever owned.
Making some turbinado simple syrup this weekend. I Saw it on Unique Eats. If you are not watching that…you should be.

The Art of Manliness is always a good blog to read. I seem to get lots of tips and info from it…on a regular basis. This article on rhetoric is one of the best reads I have seen in a long time.

Have a nice group for the NCAA pickem this year, I was in mid-pack as of press time.

Sebring 12 Hour is this weekend.  Last race for the R15+.  New R18 will be the top dog after this.  I am hoping they can pull it out against Peugeot.

Probably will crank out another update before the weekend is done.


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