Blogging on a plane

A look back to earlier this week: Written on a flight out on Tuesday.

I have some time to kill on this flight to Lexington Ky., so I thought I would take a few minutes to kind of update my last post. The funk was miserable.  I am still feeling it a little, mostly due to the general fatigue that three days with a fever brings. I am on the road to recovery and on my way to train yet another batch of college students on how to say nice things about the dairy industry.

Today has not been without some hiccups. I spent nearly 4 hours on the ground in Charlotte…waiting for the plane to be ready for the leg to Lexington.
Apparently there were some maintenance issues with the plane and we were significantly delayed. Just a minor hiccup and we are now back underway.

We got back the pics that we had made with Sarah Kate and the bunny for Easter. They are fantastic. I will have Lindsey scan one in to share.

I like the travel part of my job, although I have to admit that I am such a homebody…I hate being without my wife and Sarah Kate. Lindsey is really good about calling and sending pictures while I am gone, so that makes things a bit easier. SK cracks up when she hears my voice on the phone, and I love seeing the pics of what she is up to.

We are booked for a Callaway Gardens trip for Easter. We were thinking about a cabin in the Ga. mountains, but the Callaway thing just made a lot of sense when we thought about cost and what we would get.

I subscribed to Carbonite a while back for my computer back up. Glad I did, as I lost my external 500 Gig drive a couple of weeks ago. I have a TON of music and pictures that I would be torn up to lose. Luckily they are currently being restored.  It does however, TAKE FOREVER to restore a lot of files using Carbonite. I know the music has been updating fore more than 4 days.

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