Farewell Dan.

I am passionate about motorsports. My friends are too. Today has been a tough day for lots of people I know. Watching Dario Franchitti crying as he strapped himself in to his racecar to run a 5 lap tribute to Dan Wheldon, I started to cry as well.  My wife left the room…she could not watch.

I love auto racing. I love watching cars turn laps, and I love the thrill of speed and the sounds of the track. Today was a stark reminder that while the sport I love can be beautiful, it can also be deadly.

I never claimed to be a Dan Wheldon fan. I did however admire him as an IndyCar champion and a two time Indy 500 champion. He did a great job on the Versus TV broadcasts, and seemed a natural for the commentary booth when he hung up his firesuit.

I think the most important thing to remember is that Dan was a husband and a father to two young boys. He is gone forever, and that is a great loss. To a tight-knit group of drivers that compete in the Indy Series, Dan was a well-liked, competitive, champion and a friend. He will be missed around the track.

There are other things to consider about this crash, but today is probably not the time to talk about that.  I will try to talk to some people and put together some thoughts about what may need to happen in the IndyCar world.  But tonight, lets just take a moment to remember Dan Wheldon at his best…covered with milk in victory lane at the track he loved the best.  Indianapolis.

Keeping with tradition, driver Dan Wheldon celebrated his victory in the 100th Indianapolis 500 with a bottle of milk. Unlike previous winners, however, Wheldon chose to bathe in, not drink the milk. Photographed by: John Sommers/Reuters

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