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Keeping Your Attention – With Some Hot Chicken

I got some posts to make later this week (on a new grill, a plumbing catastrophe, and a date night) but I have been pretty swamped.

So I wanted to give you a dose of Nashville Hot Chicken – courtesy of The Bitten Word – to hold you over.

Burn. You. Up.

Wash it down with a Bourbon Iced Tea With Mint


Blue Skies and Hookups

I am pretty sure that if you live in Georgia…you already know this, but in case you don’t…today was gorgeous. Right now my weather station says 79 degrees and 46% humidity. That weather is Denver-like.

My friend Jessica hooked me up with a whiskey that you can’t find yet in Georgia. Everyone on the internet was raving about TX Blend. Now I have a bottle.  I will give you some tasting notes when I crack it open.

A Couple of Items

I will leave you with a laugh. This made me think of me.Fitzgerald11-17-13Shawk Yeah, he does.

David Chang explains Bourbon

I know that the drink in this blog’s name is rum-based, (and don’t get me wrong, I do like good rum) but I also love a great bourbon.
David Chang was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon talking about bourbons. He was also apparently drinking some.

Click the picture to watch the video - blame Hulu for the commercial.

I would love to see David get his own show, maybe with Sean Brock, as they travel the world Bourdain-style.

Splicing On a Friday Afternoon…

I have been hoarding links to share for a post for a while now. I just have not had a lot of spare time for posting. The news of Toyota to Le Mans has made this a racing-heavy post. But there is also stuff for everyone.

Looks like we are headed for some nice storms harmless thunder this afternoon and evening. Not like we can’t use the rain, but we can do without the severe stuff.

Hope the colors look this good - Image from

We will be Headed up to the mountains on Monday.  We get to go back to Osage Farms in Dillard to get our pumpkin. I hear that the leaves are putting on quite a show and are near peak color in the upper elevations.  We are not going all the way up, but we should still get a nice view. Reports say that the leaves are outstanding up near Highlands, so that should be worth a look.

Panthers versus Falcons this weekend.  This game seems to mean a lot more to Atlanta.  I am hoping that Cam and the Panthers can get a W.

Did you know Wendy’s has changed their burger recipe? If they are trying to compete with Five Guys, they are losing.

So the big story on Friday: Toyota to Le Mans officially announced.  This has been all but confirmed for a while, but it is great to see that everyone is gunning for the new World Endurance Championship.  So now we have Audi, Peugeot, Toyota and Aston Martin (with rumors of Porsche and Bentley also floating around).  Nissan has been dabbling for a while, and I would not be surprised to see them step up eventually  have annouced as well. They do have a history at Le Mans. By the way, The Toyota is easy on the eyes.

Murphy the bear is also talking about ALMS schedules, Ferrari and Corvette in his latest entry. Also this week, next year’s techincal regulations have been unveiled…the petrol cars should close the gap to the diesels once again.


College Football


I Said I Was Stopping These Late Night Friday Updates…

Not happening this week I guess.

I am sitting here with a muddled old fashioned made with Van Winkle 12 year old Bourbon.
Had a nice small plate dinner at Muss and Turners. Finally got the mussels I was craving.

Listening to The Farewell Drifters.
They are growing on me fast.

Only thing that could make this better....
Oh yeah. I am missing this porch

Today was a tough day at the office. I have some stuff I need to talk over with my boss. Nothing that would be a deal breaker, but just some stuff to address.
We had a nice annual meeting this week. It was a couple of days of hard work, but very rewarding.
This was my first chance to meet many of these farmers that work every day to produce the best milk they can send to your homes.  It was nice to get to put a face with all the folks that I have talked to on the phone for so long.

Just as a side thought…Friday nights are crappy TV nights. I think right now I love the ’80s is on VH1. I do like the show about Alaska bush pilots that comes on later.
Other than that…nothing.

My uncle sent me a facebook message today telling me that he used to fish in Michigan with Steven Rinella‘s father. He is going to the event that Steven is holding back in Michigan soon. I think that is really cool. This is my second family tie to a sportsman that I have discovered recently. My cousin Tammy is married to the brother of Flip Pallot, a legendary fly fisherman, and host of the Walker’s Cay Chronicles. Scott (Tammy’s husband) is a grammy-nominated artist who also did the music for the Walker’s Cay show. Check out Flip’s casting form…totally effortless.

Linds and I had a rare night out last weekend when our friend Susan got married. It was nice to hang out with everyone. Linds got to have more than one cold adult beverage (I drove). Sarah Kate stayed with her Nan. Everyone was happy. Congrats to Susan and Craig Behan. We have another adult night coming up in May. An Old Rip Van Winkle Dinner and bourbon pairng at H. Harper Station. I also want to get a Pimm’s cup.

Links and such to close it out
Britain has issued an Aslan stamp as a part of their magical realms collection
Walk the entire Appalachian Trail in four minutes (video) – Hat tip to Jason Fleury for this one.

I thought this would be worse since I was under the influence of Bourbon.  Alas no.  It is pretty calm.

I Just Discovered

That Windows Live Writer marries to WordPress.  That is pretty cool.  We have a pretty light weekend ahead.  Stops for clothes shopping and a trip to the Verizon store.  House needs some work.

Tomorrow’s breakfast should be a hit.  Benton’s country ham and biscuits and Bailey buttermilk pancakes.

I am totally digging this cooler weather.  More please.  Now if I can just shake this nagging head cold.

I figured out that noone reads Friday night updates…I will probably do some in depth stuff on Sunday.

The next edition of the Travel To-dos is almost done.

I leave you with some Pappy!

Van Winkle - Courtesy of the Southern Foodways Alliance