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Keeping Your Attention – With Some Hot Chicken

I got some posts to make later this week (on a new grill, a plumbing catastrophe, and a date night) but I have been pretty swamped.

So I wanted to give you a dose of Nashville Hot Chicken – courtesy of The Bitten Word – to hold you over.

Burn. You. Up.

Wash it down with a Bourbon Iced Tea With Mint


Laid Back….Sippin’ on Gin and Juice

I have some cool things to share. Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Independence Day week. Time to get back at it at the office. Definitely hard to believe we have hit the mid-point of summer (and the year for that matter).

Found this link to some good summer cocktails. I have been on a gin kick lately. Mostly really good gin.

OK, add Mun, and this should be my most-viewed post EVER!
As Daniel Bryan would say… “Yes, Yes, Yes!!”

I could not go without mentiong how dissappointed I was to learn about the drug-related suspension of NASCAR’s A.J. Allmendinger. If it wasn’t a false positive, then I hope that A.J. can get his stuff together. There is no doubt that he is talented.

And congrats to Kevin and DeLana Harvick on the birth of their son…if you read his statement, you realize that despite his reputation…he really is a pretty good guy.

 ”Waiting on Keelan was the longest nine months of my entire life,” Kevin Harvick said in a statement. ”But time literally stood still when I held our baby for the first time. I’ve accomplished a lot in my life that I’m proud of, but those moments don’t hold a candle to becoming a father and seeing that little face looking up at you.

”DeLana and I are just amazed by how special and rewarding this is.”

This should do it for this week. Trying to get back into a regular posting habit. I got some good fishing stuff saved up to share. This was just more of a post about drinking.

David Chang explains Bourbon

I know that the drink in this blog’s name is rum-based, (and don’t get me wrong, I do like good rum) but I also love a great bourbon.
David Chang was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon talking about bourbons. He was also apparently drinking some.

Click the picture to watch the video - blame Hulu for the commercial.

I would love to see David get his own show, maybe with Sean Brock, as they travel the world Bourdain-style.

The Weekly Updates Will Resume Until Morale Improves

It has been just a bit over a week since my last post. I was hoping to be more regular than that…but I got a curve ball last week with some health issues. Doc is still looking to see if there is anything still amiss, but I feel tons better this week.

S.K. loves bubbles
It was a nice weekend to be outside....

Sarah Kate and I had a nice dad-daughter weekend while L. went to her Mom’s wedding in Myrtle Beach. We had a great time at home, watched some of the race (more on that on the way) and some college football, mixed in with some bubble-blowing, Moe’s-eating, car-riding and house-playing.

I have been using some new news tools over the past week or so. Some of them (Zite) are iPad only, while others (SkyGrid) are for iPad or Android.  I find them a nice way to keep tabs on stories that you care about.

The oxford comma discussion was followed by some new chatter on the one space vs. two at the end of a sentence. Truth be told, I am a two space guy who has really been working to become a one space guy. You may actually find some double spaces in this post…even though I am doing my best to stick to one. I guess I am in the in-between age that learned to use a keyboard on a real typewriter.  We also had computer classes, but all we learned there was how to program in BASIC (with maybe a bit of FORTRAN).

At this point I went off into a tangent about Petit Le Mans.  I turned it into a separate, stand-alone post. Go read it if you haven’t (and if you care).

Weekly Best

This is the look of a race driver. The photo of TK is also very cool.

Another video feature this week with The Dirty Guv’nahs.  This video is really great…and something I would guess we would! have come up with if you told us to make a video when we were in college.

Things I Have Learned in my “Transition”

I have a Dan Patrick mancrush.
The Georgia Department of Labor likes for you to call it the “Career Center” rather than the “Unemployment Office”
There are plenty of jobs out there in my field, but competition is tight, and you still get most of your good leads by word of mouth.
I can survive for several days without a triple venti no foam 1 raw sugar latte.
This is going to be a real positive when I come out on the other side.

Now on to the fun stuff:

This is not that ugly
Maybe I just hate yellow and green...but Under Armor > Nike

College football should be entertaining this weekend.

The Dawgs should get a W against the Chanticleers — The what you say?
Coastal Carolina’s head coach apparently likes Dogs.
(Can you believe that there are people who still have not seen that video?)

Oh, and I get to root for Clemson over Auburn.

Lindsey is addicted to Pinterest.  She has some great stuff on her board.

I am still using Google+, though not as much as I did at first.  Most of the folks over there are fishing types, and a couple of other real life friends.

Catch Magazine #19 is posted
Windknots and Tangled Lines also loves his Tilley

Recipes for the big finish
Grilled Chicken with White BBQ sauce (on our menu for next week)
Tomato Pie
Cooler Corn

Whats So Great About North Carolina Barbecue? An Exam of the Lexington Style

Whats So Great About North Carolina Barbecue? An Exam of the Lexington Style.

via Serious Eats

Heaven on a cardboard plate!

I saw this and realized I had to comment.  The answer is “pretty much everything.”  Living in Georgia for as long as I have…I have come to the conclusion that I will never get anything here that remotely compares to the BBQ of my homeland.

Yeah! Burger? More like Meh! Burger

Chomping at the bit for a long holiday weekend.  Nice Timing…badly needed.  Good things happening around me right now, lets hope the momentum continues.  I got certified in CPR this week.  I am glad I did it.  I think it might be a great idea for any parent.

We had dinner tonight at the highly touted (by some folks I trusted)  Yeah! Burger in Atlanta.  Not sure if we caught it on an off night or what…but it was less than stellar.

I need this dip bowl. Very funny. (from

This Planet LeMans article made me realize that despite the continued tough times for sports car racing in the U.S., for the first time in a long time there is an International Sports Car Championship.  It even has a leg that I will be attending.

Some racing on tap this weekend,
Atlanta for NASCAR
Indy is in Kentucky – Ed Carpenter is on pole (STFU!)

Also in the ATL this weekend: DragonCon, and the College GameDay Crew.

A lot of my friends are excited about the start of college football this weekend…I would be happier if it actually felt at all like fall.

I actually won an internets contest this week!
Thanks to the folks at the Hungry Southerner – an all Atlanta crew (SVM to be exact) they are in the sidebar, and if you don’t read them…you should be!
Some links to keep you entertained:

A Splice Fave (Gemma Arterton) is ROCKING a bikini on a boat.
Heather Morris is a good reason to watch Glee!

Jalopnik took Danica to task Friday.  They missed the mark a bit (one glaring error referred to a “track bar” as a “truck bar”), and were pretty vicious.  That being said, the part about her not trying to learn car setups…dead on.
This guy is catching trout…by hand!

Dagmar Midcap has turned in her bluescreen clicker (I had not heard about her boyfriend’s suicide)

New Fishing E-Mags out this week
Catch Magazine
This is Fly Magazine

Not sure how much I believe that this is actually a summer dish…but I will give the corn chowder a shot.

Friday is here – Time to Splice the Links

Lets play a game called spot the Pappy.

Thought I was not going to make it for a while this week.  Sinuses kicking my ass.  But I did. and here is your Splice Link Round-up

Work has been slowly kicking my ass.  I need a diversion. Time away.  Something.  Sarah Kate’s birthday is coming up.
I need to put in some work on a slideshow for her.
If I were still 25…I would totally go here!

From the “absolutely the coolest thing I have found this week” file: 
WWII Today

Link Round Up

This is also really a very cool color photo slideshow of life in the US from 1939-43 (Credit to Jenna McKenzie)
Apparently the northern lights were very awesome.
Jennifer Nettles is a keen judge of her own talent.
I realize that some of my friends are health freaks.  But this? Really?
Mark Wahlberg rescued his son from an octopus. Couldn’t he have just talked to it?

Cracks me up.  I mention canning, then a couple days later the LA times is all over it.  Trendsetter!
If you know me at all…you are likely aware of my love for all things Sean BrockThis article is really great.
The best part is the conversation about pig breeding.

“What breed are you going to use?
It’s still in the experimental stage. No pig sex has been started yet, and we probably won’t complete it until February or March, but I’m thinking we’ll take a Berkshire and a Red Wattle, because of their build, their fat-to-meat ratio and their growth rate.
Once we breed them we’ll have a Berkawattle.
We like how the Duroc pigs are proportioned, so we plan to breed a Duroc boar to a Berkawattle sow, and we’ll get a Berkawattleroc. Then we’ll breed a Berkawattleroc with an Ossabaw boar and get a Berkawattlerocabaw.

The names just kill me.
There is also a Brock video this week…talking about benne plants.

This tomato recipe will be making an appearance at our house.
I love this idea…but can’t we just put them on buns and call them well, you know…burgers?
(I think you know how I feel about sliders)

Fly Fishing
Our Future?

I did a guest Q+A on Triple League Racing this week.  It should be up soon.

NASCAR is road racing at the Glen.
ALMS and IndyCars are at Mid Ohio.
This is a bit of good news for the ALMS.

If you are not following my Tumblr you are missing half the fun.


Jill Wagner is cute.

Have a great weekend!

The winner!
Britney from BB12 LOVES Fridays!