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David Chang explains Bourbon

I know that the drink in this blog’s name is rum-based, (and don’t get me wrong, I do like good rum) but I also love a great bourbon.
David Chang was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon talking about bourbons. He was also apparently drinking some.

Click the picture to watch the video - blame Hulu for the commercial.

I would love to see David get his own show, maybe with Sean Brock, as they travel the world Bourdain-style.


Cooler Weather

It is getting a bit cooler here in Atlanta. Before long, it will be time to head up to Dillard to get a pumpkin.

First off, yet another reminder that you should add me on Google+.

Leaf looking anyone?

College football is in full swing. The big college football drama has been the conference realignment…and where we end up. The Pac 10 has said it is standing pat. The SEC is adding Texas A&M so far. The ACC has signed up Rutgers and Syracuse. I am sure that more dominoes are going to fall in the coming months, even though Missouri has apparently said they are staying put or not.

We had a dinner at Bocado this week. I had high hopes for the place, but we left pretty disappointed. There was one table seated when we came in. Another came in shortly after we did.  They got their food about 1o minutes before us. There was at least 40 minutes between the apps and the mains, it was totally inexcusable. My steak was good. I ate the entire thing. Lindsey got the sole, and she was less than impressed. The place is he same price point as The Shed. We should have gone there instead.

Added for the obvious reason. Photo from the Local Three site.

I also figure that if I am going to slam Bocado I should also tell you that we had a great lunch at Local Three this week. I had the McDowell Burger – their take on a Big Mac. It was a good meal.

Petit is right around the corner. This will be the first time in years I have not made it. I will not  miss the race as much as I will miss the good friends that I have made there in years past. There will be more cars than spots, so qualifying should be great. You can catch all the action on Radio LeMans. The race will actually be on TV this year.  I will be watching at home while I babysit Sarah Kate.  Lindsey is off to see her mom get married in Myrtle Beach.

My wife is on my ass to pick out a birthday present.  I have no idea what I want.

Quick hits:

  • I think that ESPN has completely given up on afternoon programming.
  • On the positive side of things…My old colleague Pete Davis is doing a kickass job on his sports blog.
  • Owl Jones is a Georgia guy who has an awesome fishing blog.
  • Here is my music post from earlier
  • This new show with Jim Caviezel may not last…but the first episode was great.
  • Spotify is also cool, and free for a while with a new signup.
  • I am working up the list of side dishes for Thanksgiving.  Spinach and parsnips will go for a test run next week.

I Said I Was Stopping These Late Night Friday Updates…

Not happening this week I guess.

I am sitting here with a muddled old fashioned made with Van Winkle 12 year old Bourbon.
Had a nice small plate dinner at Muss and Turners. Finally got the mussels I was craving.

Listening to The Farewell Drifters.
They are growing on me fast.

Only thing that could make this better....
Oh yeah. I am missing this porch

Today was a tough day at the office. I have some stuff I need to talk over with my boss. Nothing that would be a deal breaker, but just some stuff to address.
We had a nice annual meeting this week. It was a couple of days of hard work, but very rewarding.
This was my first chance to meet many of these farmers that work every day to produce the best milk they can send to your homes.  It was nice to get to put a face with all the folks that I have talked to on the phone for so long.

Just as a side thought…Friday nights are crappy TV nights. I think right now I love the ’80s is on VH1. I do like the show about Alaska bush pilots that comes on later.
Other than that…nothing.

My uncle sent me a facebook message today telling me that he used to fish in Michigan with Steven Rinella‘s father. He is going to the event that Steven is holding back in Michigan soon. I think that is really cool. This is my second family tie to a sportsman that I have discovered recently. My cousin Tammy is married to the brother of Flip Pallot, a legendary fly fisherman, and host of the Walker’s Cay Chronicles. Scott (Tammy’s husband) is a grammy-nominated artist who also did the music for the Walker’s Cay show. Check out Flip’s casting form…totally effortless.

Linds and I had a rare night out last weekend when our friend Susan got married. It was nice to hang out with everyone. Linds got to have more than one cold adult beverage (I drove). Sarah Kate stayed with her Nan. Everyone was happy. Congrats to Susan and Craig Behan. We have another adult night coming up in May. An Old Rip Van Winkle Dinner and bourbon pairng at H. Harper Station. I also want to get a Pimm’s cup.

Links and such to close it out
Britain has issued an Aslan stamp as a part of their magical realms collection
Walk the entire Appalachian Trail in four minutes (video) – Hat tip to Jason Fleury for this one.

I thought this would be worse since I was under the influence of Bourbon.  Alas no.  It is pretty calm.