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Seven Things…Unemployment Edition

Seven things I have learned while being unemployed

  1. I should smile more in interviews
  2. Finding a job can take a while – even longer if you are picky
  3. You can live on far less money than you think you can
  4. I have the best wife that I can ask for
  5. I love how much time I have been able to spend with my kid
  6. I told you about the Dan Patrick Show already
  7. You think that there are lots of hours in a day when you are at home…there aren’t

First of a new feature, and a farewell to Steve Jobs

Why the sevens? Mostly because it is just a midpoint between 5 and 10 – which have both been done.

So I will just take a list…rattle off seven things, and hopefully you will get some insights about me. You might also pick up some cool things that you like as well.

Seven Songs I Currently Love

  1. We’ll Be the Light – Dirty Guv’nahs
  2. So So Long – The Damn Quails
  3. Close Every Valve to Your Bleeding Heart – Ha Ha Tonka
  4. Stopping By – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
  5. Prettiest Thing – The Avett Brothers
  6. Remain – The Great Divide
  7. The Road Less Traveled – Cory Morrow

I also wanted to take a moment to express my thoughts on Steve Jobs. My friends over at Wilbert News Strategies shared an article on Facebook today from PRWeek talking about how Steve acted as his own PR guyand pitched cover stories to Time Magazine among others. He was definitely a brilliant mind, and will be sorely missed by many.

I really loved this commercial.  So long Steve.
Update: Betanews has a version of the Think Different spot with Seve Jobs voicing I like it better than Richard Dreyfuss. (a warning on the betanews link – the video quality leaves a bit to be desired)