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I Can’t Believe….

That I have not posted here since the Wheldon accident post.

A lot of things have factored into that including but not limited to:

  • General malaise
  • Work projects
  • Laziness
  • Stress
  • Holidays

I think sometimes I promise to readers that I will write more…but I am not sure I mean it.  I don’t really do this for money, and I don’t have the kind of blog that draws huge readership anyway. I like to write about things I see and do.  I like to post cool links and music.  I am going to keep on doing what I do, and I won’t even waste anyone’s time by promising to write more…even though I would like to write more just because.

Anyway I do have some cool things to pass along today, so let’s get to it!

I am a sucker for folks that do great acoustic stuff, and this is the video that turned me on to Kasey Anderson and the Honkies. Give it a  listen, I will wait right here…you can even listen while you read the rest of this stuff.

Good, right?  In the same vein as Jason Isbell. On another musical note.  I just can’t love Bon Iver.  I have tried.  I failed. As I told one friend, Holocene makes me want to jump head-first into a pool of hungry piranha.

I got “American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon” for Christmas, and quickly plowed through it.  Steven Rinella is one cool dude.  I can’t wait for his new show…it is just a few days away.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the time I spent growing up out west.  It seems so long ago now, almost like it was another lifetime.  It was the 80s, so I guess in a way….it was another lifetime. Just last night a post popped up on Google + from a young lady out there named Loree Greco. She posted some photos of Wyoming, so I asked her if I could share one with this post. The timing could not have been better.

Eastern Wyoming - Photo courtesy of Loree Greco

I have often said that I would move back out west in a heartbeat, and I guess I always just sort of assumed that I would like to go to Colorado. Now, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Wyoming. I mentioned this to the wife the other night, and she made a face, and said “Wyoming?  Dear God, why?” I can’t explain it, so I guess sometime soon, I will pack her up (along with our daughter), and take them out to show them just what made Eastern Wyoming such a special place. Linds says that her dream place to move would be Kallispell, Mt.  I guess I can’t really argue with that either.

Fontinalis Rising has a list of the top trout fishing posts of 2011.
The Best of 2011 from the Art of Manliness (a must-read site for dudes)
I wish I had read this before I accepted my last full-time gig

And finally Justified is coming soon…GQ spoke to Timothy Olypahnt

 Not long after Justified premiered, a friend asked Olyphant if he wasn’t worried about being typecast (after all, both Bullock and Givens wear hats).”I’m thinking: typecast? What, as a badass?”

Till Next time,

This is here for a reason.

Happy New Year!


Splicing On a Friday Afternoon…

I have been hoarding links to share for a post for a while now. I just have not had a lot of spare time for posting. The news of Toyota to Le Mans has made this a racing-heavy post. But there is also stuff for everyone.

Looks like we are headed for some nice storms harmless thunder this afternoon and evening. Not like we can’t use the rain, but we can do without the severe stuff.

Hope the colors look this good - Image from

We will be Headed up to the mountains on Monday.  We get to go back to Osage Farms in Dillard to get our pumpkin. I hear that the leaves are putting on quite a show and are near peak color in the upper elevations.  We are not going all the way up, but we should still get a nice view. Reports say that the leaves are outstanding up near Highlands, so that should be worth a look.

Panthers versus Falcons this weekend.  This game seems to mean a lot more to Atlanta.  I am hoping that Cam and the Panthers can get a W.

Did you know Wendy’s has changed their burger recipe? If they are trying to compete with Five Guys, they are losing.

So the big story on Friday: Toyota to Le Mans officially announced.  This has been all but confirmed for a while, but it is great to see that everyone is gunning for the new World Endurance Championship.  So now we have Audi, Peugeot, Toyota and Aston Martin (with rumors of Porsche and Bentley also floating around).  Nissan has been dabbling for a while, and I would not be surprised to see them step up eventually  have annouced as well. They do have a history at Le Mans. By the way, The Toyota is easy on the eyes.

Murphy the bear is also talking about ALMS schedules, Ferrari and Corvette in his latest entry. Also this week, next year’s techincal regulations have been unveiled…the petrol cars should close the gap to the diesels once again.


College Football


The Weekly Updates Will Resume Until Morale Improves

It has been just a bit over a week since my last post. I was hoping to be more regular than that…but I got a curve ball last week with some health issues. Doc is still looking to see if there is anything still amiss, but I feel tons better this week.

S.K. loves bubbles
It was a nice weekend to be outside....

Sarah Kate and I had a nice dad-daughter weekend while L. went to her Mom’s wedding in Myrtle Beach. We had a great time at home, watched some of the race (more on that on the way) and some college football, mixed in with some bubble-blowing, Moe’s-eating, car-riding and house-playing.

I have been using some new news tools over the past week or so. Some of them (Zite) are iPad only, while others (SkyGrid) are for iPad or Android.  I find them a nice way to keep tabs on stories that you care about.

The oxford comma discussion was followed by some new chatter on the one space vs. two at the end of a sentence. Truth be told, I am a two space guy who has really been working to become a one space guy. You may actually find some double spaces in this post…even though I am doing my best to stick to one. I guess I am in the in-between age that learned to use a keyboard on a real typewriter.  We also had computer classes, but all we learned there was how to program in BASIC (with maybe a bit of FORTRAN).

At this point I went off into a tangent about Petit Le Mans.  I turned it into a separate, stand-alone post. Go read it if you haven’t (and if you care).

Weekly Best

This is the look of a race driver. The photo of TK is also very cool.

Another video feature this week with The Dirty Guv’nahs.  This video is really great…and something I would guess we would! have come up with if you told us to make a video when we were in college.

Cooler Weather

It is getting a bit cooler here in Atlanta. Before long, it will be time to head up to Dillard to get a pumpkin.

First off, yet another reminder that you should add me on Google+.

Leaf looking anyone?

College football is in full swing. The big college football drama has been the conference realignment…and where we end up. The Pac 10 has said it is standing pat. The SEC is adding Texas A&M so far. The ACC has signed up Rutgers and Syracuse. I am sure that more dominoes are going to fall in the coming months, even though Missouri has apparently said they are staying put or not.

We had a dinner at Bocado this week. I had high hopes for the place, but we left pretty disappointed. There was one table seated when we came in. Another came in shortly after we did.  They got their food about 1o minutes before us. There was at least 40 minutes between the apps and the mains, it was totally inexcusable. My steak was good. I ate the entire thing. Lindsey got the sole, and she was less than impressed. The place is he same price point as The Shed. We should have gone there instead.

Added for the obvious reason. Photo from the Local Three site.

I also figure that if I am going to slam Bocado I should also tell you that we had a great lunch at Local Three this week. I had the McDowell Burger – their take on a Big Mac. It was a good meal.

Petit is right around the corner. This will be the first time in years I have not made it. I will not  miss the race as much as I will miss the good friends that I have made there in years past. There will be more cars than spots, so qualifying should be great. You can catch all the action on Radio LeMans. The race will actually be on TV this year.  I will be watching at home while I babysit Sarah Kate.  Lindsey is off to see her mom get married in Myrtle Beach.

My wife is on my ass to pick out a birthday present.  I have no idea what I want.

Quick hits:

  • I think that ESPN has completely given up on afternoon programming.
  • On the positive side of things…My old colleague Pete Davis is doing a kickass job on his sports blog.
  • Owl Jones is a Georgia guy who has an awesome fishing blog.
  • Here is my music post from earlier
  • This new show with Jim Caviezel may not last…but the first episode was great.
  • Spotify is also cool, and free for a while with a new signup.
  • I am working up the list of side dishes for Thanksgiving.  Spinach and parsnips will go for a test run next week.

Things I Have Learned in my “Transition”

I have a Dan Patrick mancrush.
The Georgia Department of Labor likes for you to call it the “Career Center” rather than the “Unemployment Office”
There are plenty of jobs out there in my field, but competition is tight, and you still get most of your good leads by word of mouth.
I can survive for several days without a triple venti no foam 1 raw sugar latte.
This is going to be a real positive when I come out on the other side.

Now on to the fun stuff:

This is not that ugly
Maybe I just hate yellow and green...but Under Armor > Nike

College football should be entertaining this weekend.

The Dawgs should get a W against the Chanticleers — The what you say?
Coastal Carolina’s head coach apparently likes Dogs.
(Can you believe that there are people who still have not seen that video?)

Oh, and I get to root for Clemson over Auburn.

Lindsey is addicted to Pinterest.  She has some great stuff on her board.

I am still using Google+, though not as much as I did at first.  Most of the folks over there are fishing types, and a couple of other real life friends.

Catch Magazine #19 is posted
Windknots and Tangled Lines also loves his Tilley

Recipes for the big finish
Grilled Chicken with White BBQ sauce (on our menu for next week)
Tomato Pie
Cooler Corn

Blogging on a plane

A look back to earlier this week: Written on a flight out on Tuesday.

I have some time to kill on this flight to Lexington Ky., so I thought I would take a few minutes to kind of update my last post. The funk was miserable.  I am still feeling it a little, mostly due to the general fatigue that three days with a fever brings. I am on the road to recovery and on my way to train yet another batch of college students on how to say nice things about the dairy industry.

Today has not been without some hiccups. I spent nearly 4 hours on the ground in Charlotte…waiting for the plane to be ready for the leg to Lexington.
Apparently there were some maintenance issues with the plane and we were significantly delayed. Just a minor hiccup and we are now back underway.

We got back the pics that we had made with Sarah Kate and the bunny for Easter. They are fantastic. I will have Lindsey scan one in to share.

I like the travel part of my job, although I have to admit that I am such a homebody…I hate being without my wife and Sarah Kate. Lindsey is really good about calling and sending pictures while I am gone, so that makes things a bit easier. SK cracks up when she hears my voice on the phone, and I love seeing the pics of what she is up to.

We are booked for a Callaway Gardens trip for Easter. We were thinking about a cabin in the Ga. mountains, but the Callaway thing just made a lot of sense when we thought about cost and what we would get.

I subscribed to Carbonite a while back for my computer back up. Glad I did, as I lost my external 500 Gig drive a couple of weeks ago. I have a TON of music and pictures that I would be torn up to lose. Luckily they are currently being restored.  It does however, TAKE FOREVER to restore a lot of files using Carbonite. I know the music has been updating fore more than 4 days.

Trip to Hickory and the Fly Fishing Film Tour

I had a very busy end of last week, Thursday night my wife and I went to the Fly Fishing Film Tour stop in Atlanta. The show was great.  We had a blast, Linds even won a Patagonia hip and chest pack in the intermission drawing. The films were really cool, Especially the New Zealand buddy flick, The winter redfish trip in Louisiana and the crazy muskie guys. The only complaint that I have about the Atlanta stop, is that they need to find a spot to host that can serve beer. We went expecting to enjoy some cold adult beverages, but the only place to get that was to leave the theater, and go to the bar next door.

On Friday I left and headed up to Hickory, NC, to do a training session at the National Dairy Challenge. The session was designed to teach the dairy challenge students how to effectively speak to the media…and to their neighbors. While at the training I began to get a sore throat and a fever. I spent the next 3 days fighting a fever between 101 and 103.  So, I have been knocked on my tail for the past 3 days.  I went to the doc this morning and got some antibiotics.  Hopefully I am on the mend.  I fly out for Lexington to conduct another training at the University of Kentucky tomorrow night.