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Post Game Thoughts on the SEC Championship

The Grantland column said that the SEC Championship was a chance for the (paraphrasing here) University of Georgia to change the narrative…and reframe what many people say about the Dawgs (pretenders, perennial bridesmaids, can’t get it done). I think at the end of four quarters the Bulldogs proved that they did indeed deserve to be on the stage with the Crimson Tide.

Now, shore up that running D. Stop giving up those big yards off tackle. Replace some key losses and get back to the game again. Important to note here that just playing close in the SEC Championship game is a big improvement over some of their past efforts. You did yourself proud on a national stage.

Looking forward to seeing you next year in the real Death Valley. If not before then in Atlanta.

Oh, and Ouch!


You Already Know What You Have

Mark Richt has been the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs since 2001.

That means that Georgia fans have had 10 full seasons to get an idea of what the coach is all about.

If you are comfortable with the Occasional SEC title (the last one was in 2005), an SEC East title now and then (2007), and a BCS game now and then…then by all means keep him around.

This piece in today’s AJC with Vince Dooley is crap.  I respect Coach Dooley a great deal. But the following logic is tragically flawed.

“Coach Richt is a proven coach. He’s the type of guy you want at Georgia, the way he conducts himself, his character and the way he represents the university. I think he has the support of the greatest majority of people because they believe in him. I believe in him, too. So I think he’ll come out of it as other coaches have gone through it and have come out of it. He’ll be fine. He’ll be here a long time.”

Richt has proven little…except that he can recruit very well (see the Dream Team), and loyal to a fault (see Willie Martinez, Van Halanger). What he can’t do well…is get over the hump or prepare a team to win games against top 20 opponents.

I see articles that say this is the bottom, and 9-3 will be a success this year.  I guess if success is still defined by a program that can’t beat top 25 teams, then you are correct. If that makes you happy, then by all means campaign for him to stay.  But 9-3 seems to be the rule, not the exception.  You now know what you have.  Enjoy Memphis, Boisie and Shreveport, and maybe an occasional visit to Orlando.