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Speed, Sport, Beauty.

If you are bothering to read this post, than you probably already know just how much I love racing.
In case you ever wanted to know why…I would just point you to this video.
You probably won’t watch all 16 minutes of it, but then again…you might just find out that you just can’t stop watching.

Racing In Slow Motion IV from Mattzel89 on Vimeo.


Farewell Dan.

I am passionate about motorsports. My friends are too. Today has been a tough day for lots of people I know. Watching Dario Franchitti crying as he strapped himself in to his racecar to run a 5 lap tribute to Dan Wheldon, I started to cry as well.  My wife left the room…she could not watch.

I love auto racing. I love watching cars turn laps, and I love the thrill of speed and the sounds of the track. Today was a stark reminder that while the sport I love can be beautiful, it can also be deadly.

I never claimed to be a Dan Wheldon fan. I did however admire him as an IndyCar champion and a two time Indy 500 champion. He did a great job on the Versus TV broadcasts, and seemed a natural for the commentary booth when he hung up his firesuit.

I think the most important thing to remember is that Dan was a husband and a father to two young boys. He is gone forever, and that is a great loss. To a tight-knit group of drivers that compete in the Indy Series, Dan was a well-liked, competitive, champion and a friend. He will be missed around the track.

There are other things to consider about this crash, but today is probably not the time to talk about that.  I will try to talk to some people and put together some thoughts about what may need to happen in the IndyCar world.  But tonight, lets just take a moment to remember Dan Wheldon at his best…covered with milk in victory lane at the track he loved the best.  Indianapolis.

Keeping with tradition, driver Dan Wheldon celebrated his victory in the 100th Indianapolis 500 with a bottle of milk. Unlike previous winners, however, Wheldon chose to bathe in, not drink the milk. Photographed by: John Sommers/Reuters

Yeah! Burger? More like Meh! Burger

Chomping at the bit for a long holiday weekend.  Nice Timing…badly needed.  Good things happening around me right now, lets hope the momentum continues.  I got certified in CPR this week.  I am glad I did it.  I think it might be a great idea for any parent.

We had dinner tonight at the highly touted (by some folks I trusted)  Yeah! Burger in Atlanta.  Not sure if we caught it on an off night or what…but it was less than stellar.

I need this dip bowl. Very funny. (from moldychum.com)

This Planet LeMans article made me realize that despite the continued tough times for sports car racing in the U.S., for the first time in a long time there is an International Sports Car Championship.  It even has a leg that I will be attending.

Some racing on tap this weekend,
Atlanta for NASCAR
Indy is in Kentucky – Ed Carpenter is on pole (STFU!)

Also in the ATL this weekend: DragonCon, and the College GameDay Crew.

A lot of my friends are excited about the start of college football this weekend…I would be happier if it actually felt at all like fall.

I actually won an internets contest this week!
Thanks to the folks at the Hungry Southerner – an all Atlanta crew (SVM to be exact) they are in the sidebar, and if you don’t read them…you should be!
Some links to keep you entertained:

A Splice Fave (Gemma Arterton) is ROCKING a bikini on a boat.
Heather Morris is a good reason to watch Glee!

Jalopnik took Danica to task Friday.  They missed the mark a bit (one glaring error referred to a “track bar” as a “truck bar”), and were pretty vicious.  That being said, the part about her not trying to learn car setups…dead on.
This guy is catching trout…by hand!

Dagmar Midcap has turned in her bluescreen clicker (I had not heard about her boyfriend’s suicide)

New Fishing E-Mags out this week
Catch Magazine
This is Fly Magazine

Not sure how much I believe that this is actually a summer dish…but I will give the corn chowder a shot.