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If you have to ask,you probably can’t afford it….

How about a box made of Pappy barrels?

They got lots of other stuff too:
$75 Coaster Set
$85 Pappy and Thunder Necktie


Honestly, Pappy-mania has gone a bit too far at this point. But if the family can make some extra cash on the name alone, more power to them.


David Chang explains Bourbon

I know that the drink in this blog’s name is rum-based, (and don’t get me wrong, I do like good rum) but I also love a great bourbon.
David Chang was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon talking about bourbons. He was also apparently drinking some.

Click the picture to watch the video - blame Hulu for the commercial.

I would love to see David get his own show, maybe with Sean Brock, as they travel the world Bourdain-style.

I Just Discovered

That Windows Live Writer marries to WordPress.  That is pretty cool.  We have a pretty light weekend ahead.  Stops for clothes shopping and a trip to the Verizon store.  House needs some work.

Tomorrow’s breakfast should be a hit.  Benton’s country ham and biscuits and Bailey buttermilk pancakes.

I am totally digging this cooler weather.  More please.  Now if I can just shake this nagging head cold.

I figured out that noone reads Friday night updates…I will probably do some in depth stuff on Sunday.

The next edition of the Travel To-dos is almost done.

I leave you with some Pappy!

Van Winkle - Courtesy of the Southern Foodways Alliance