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Savage Chickens, Ear Tubes and a Kayak

A few years back, my wife got me a great gift.  A signed, framed, original Savage Chicken Post-It note. This one to be precise.

For the record. I do not.

It has gone with me to every office I have worked in, and always gets a positive reaction from coworkers.

When I was browsing the Savage Chickens site the other day, I noticed that Doug is releasing a book, so I decided to write him a note and congratulate him on his success.

This is what I wrote:

“My framed copy of “You lack originality” is still hanging in my work office. It gets lots of attention from folks who come in and out. Nice work on getting the chickens published.
I remain a fan.

Chris Bailey”

Doug took time to write me back.  He is a really nice guy:

“Thanks Chris! This whole book thing has been quite an adventure for the last year or so!

It’s great to hear you’re still reading the chickens – and even though it’s been a few years, you’re still one of a very small number of people who has an original Savage Chickens sticky note – glad to hear that your office visitors are enjoying it.

Anyway thanks again for the congrats. Much appreciated!



Pretty neat to hear that I still have one of a limited number of original chickens out in the world.

Ear Tubes

Sarah Kate finally got surgery to put tubes in her ears this week.  It was a smooth procedure.  The surgery took less than 20 minutes from the time they put her under to the time we went to recovery.

She did fantastic.  Watching her go through all those ear infections was really tough.  I feel just awful for any parent that has to watch their child get a rocephin shot.  That was the worst by far.  We are both really hoping that the tubes eliminate the ear infections…and lead to a much happier, much more healthy baby.

I found the kayak I want, I am now saving a little extra cash every 2 weeks to make it a reality.  This is a real change for me.  I am not normally one to do entry-level anything.  But I decided in this case that it might be best to get a starter kayak to see if I am going to like it as much as I think I am.  If I do…I can update to the Native Kayak down the road.

Godparents Trip

Still thinking that we want to do a trip to the mountains this year with the Houchins and the Medinas.  Would be a ton of fun.  I have looked at a few places already.  Just have to narrow down a good cabin and some good dates.


Recipe for Hilarity

1 bottle of BBQ sauce with a loose lid
1 dad unaware that the lid is loose
1 20 lb cat completely unaware of the tragedy that is about to occur
1 baby sick for a few days.

Get sauce from fridge.
Not notice that the lid is loose.
Sauce the kitchen cabinets, floor…oh and the giant cat hanging at the food bowl.

Cat runs away trailing sauce. Cat is corralled for a bath.
Cat howls through bath. – (mmeeerrawwwwww….merrrawwwww!!!!)

Baby laughs hysterically through the cat bath.