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First of a new feature, and a farewell to Steve Jobs

Why the sevens? Mostly because it is just a midpoint between 5 and 10 – which have both been done.

So I will just take a list…rattle off seven things, and hopefully you will get some insights about me. You might also pick up some cool things that you like as well.

Seven Songs I Currently Love

  1. We’ll Be the Light – Dirty Guv’nahs
  2. So So Long – The Damn Quails
  3. Close Every Valve to Your Bleeding Heart – Ha Ha Tonka
  4. Stopping By – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
  5. Prettiest Thing – The Avett Brothers
  6. Remain – The Great Divide
  7. The Road Less Traveled – Cory Morrow

I also wanted to take a moment to express my thoughts on Steve Jobs. My friends over at Wilbert News Strategies shared an article on Facebook today from PRWeek talking about how Steve acted as his own PR guyand pitched cover stories to Time Magazine among others. He was definitely a brilliant mind, and will be sorely missed by many.

I really loved this commercial.  So long Steve.
Update: Betanews has a version of the Think Different spot with Seve Jobs voicing I like it better than Richard Dreyfuss. (a warning on the betanews link – the video quality leaves a bit to be desired)

The Weekly Updates Will Resume Until Morale Improves

It has been just a bit over a week since my last post. I was hoping to be more regular than that…but I got a curve ball last week with some health issues. Doc is still looking to see if there is anything still amiss, but I feel tons better this week.

S.K. loves bubbles
It was a nice weekend to be outside....

Sarah Kate and I had a nice dad-daughter weekend while L. went to her Mom’s wedding in Myrtle Beach. We had a great time at home, watched some of the race (more on that on the way) and some college football, mixed in with some bubble-blowing, Moe’s-eating, car-riding and house-playing.

I have been using some new news tools over the past week or so. Some of them (Zite) are iPad only, while others (SkyGrid) are for iPad or Android.  I find them a nice way to keep tabs on stories that you care about.

The oxford comma discussion was followed by some new chatter on the one space vs. two at the end of a sentence. Truth be told, I am a two space guy who has really been working to become a one space guy. You may actually find some double spaces in this post…even though I am doing my best to stick to one. I guess I am in the in-between age that learned to use a keyboard on a real typewriter.  We also had computer classes, but all we learned there was how to program in BASIC (with maybe a bit of FORTRAN).

At this point I went off into a tangent about Petit Le Mans.  I turned it into a separate, stand-alone post. Go read it if you haven’t (and if you care).

Weekly Best

This is the look of a race driver. The photo of TK is also very cool.

Another video feature this week with The Dirty Guv’nahs.  This video is really great…and something I would guess we would! have come up with if you told us to make a video when we were in college.