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Splicing On a Friday Afternoon…

I have been hoarding links to share for a post for a while now. I just have not had a lot of spare time for posting. The news of Toyota to Le Mans has made this a racing-heavy post. But there is also stuff for everyone.

Looks like we are headed for some nice storms harmless thunder this afternoon and evening. Not like we can’t use the rain, but we can do without the severe stuff.

Hope the colors look this good - Image from romanticasheville.com

We will be Headed up to the mountains on Monday.  We get to go back to Osage Farms in Dillard to get our pumpkin. I hear that the leaves are putting on quite a show and are near peak color in the upper elevations.  We are not going all the way up, but we should still get a nice view. Reports say that the leaves are outstanding up near Highlands, so that should be worth a look.

Panthers versus Falcons this weekend.  This game seems to mean a lot more to Atlanta.  I am hoping that Cam and the Panthers can get a W.

Did you know Wendy’s has changed their burger recipe? If they are trying to compete with Five Guys, they are losing.

So the big story on Friday: Toyota to Le Mans officially announced.  This has been all but confirmed for a while, but it is great to see that everyone is gunning for the new World Endurance Championship.  So now we have Audi, Peugeot, Toyota and Aston Martin (with rumors of Porsche and Bentley also floating around).  Nissan has been dabbling for a while, and I would not be surprised to see them step up eventually  have annouced as well. They do have a history at Le Mans. By the way, The Toyota is easy on the eyes.

Murphy the bear is also talking about ALMS schedules, Ferrari and Corvette in his latest entry. Also this week, next year’s techincal regulations have been unveiled…the petrol cars should close the gap to the diesels once again.


College Football



Blogging on a plane

A look back to earlier this week: Written on a flight out on Tuesday.

I have some time to kill on this flight to Lexington Ky., so I thought I would take a few minutes to kind of update my last post. The funk was miserable.  I am still feeling it a little, mostly due to the general fatigue that three days with a fever brings. I am on the road to recovery and on my way to train yet another batch of college students on how to say nice things about the dairy industry.

Today has not been without some hiccups. I spent nearly 4 hours on the ground in Charlotte…waiting for the plane to be ready for the leg to Lexington.
Apparently there were some maintenance issues with the plane and we were significantly delayed. Just a minor hiccup and we are now back underway.

We got back the pics that we had made with Sarah Kate and the bunny for Easter. They are fantastic. I will have Lindsey scan one in to share.

I like the travel part of my job, although I have to admit that I am such a homebody…I hate being without my wife and Sarah Kate. Lindsey is really good about calling and sending pictures while I am gone, so that makes things a bit easier. SK cracks up when she hears my voice on the phone, and I love seeing the pics of what she is up to.

We are booked for a Callaway Gardens trip for Easter. We were thinking about a cabin in the Ga. mountains, but the Callaway thing just made a lot of sense when we thought about cost and what we would get.

I subscribed to Carbonite a while back for my computer back up. Glad I did, as I lost my external 500 Gig drive a couple of weeks ago. I have a TON of music and pictures that I would be torn up to lose. Luckily they are currently being restored.  It does however, TAKE FOREVER to restore a lot of files using Carbonite. I know the music has been updating fore more than 4 days.

Trip to Hickory and the Fly Fishing Film Tour

I had a very busy end of last week, Thursday night my wife and I went to the Fly Fishing Film Tour stop in Atlanta. The show was great.  We had a blast, Linds even won a Patagonia hip and chest pack in the intermission drawing. The films were really cool, Especially the New Zealand buddy flick, The winter redfish trip in Louisiana and the crazy muskie guys. The only complaint that I have about the Atlanta stop, is that they need to find a spot to host that can serve beer. We went expecting to enjoy some cold adult beverages, but the only place to get that was to leave the theater, and go to the bar next door.

On Friday I left and headed up to Hickory, NC, to do a training session at the National Dairy Challenge. The session was designed to teach the dairy challenge students how to effectively speak to the media…and to their neighbors. While at the training I began to get a sore throat and a fever. I spent the next 3 days fighting a fever between 101 and 103.  So, I have been knocked on my tail for the past 3 days.  I went to the doc this morning and got some antibiotics.  Hopefully I am on the mend.  I fly out for Lexington to conduct another training at the University of Kentucky tomorrow night.