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From the “I always find random things I covet” file

Good thing they don’t have my size.

Also, I can’t look at this without thinking of the Hunt for Red October Movie.

“Ryan, your conclusions were all wrong. Halsey acted stupidly

Orvis Cotton Submariner’s Pullover Sweater

More thoughts on Veterans Day

I thought about this earlier as I was writing the Tumblr post for Veterans Day, and I thought I would share.

A few years ago, I made a trip to Washington DC for a communications conference.  One night while we were there, a group of us got together and went to the DC monuments at night (a very cool experience…everyone should do it).  The trip was just a year or so after my grandfather died, so I was rather excited to go to the WWII Memorial.

Short story…it was a moving, and spectacular night.  Standing in front of the Georgia stone, I thought about all my grandfather had done.  Henderson Field on Iwo Jima, Tarawa, Saipan, he was in the thick of it from beginning to end.  As I said earlier, I never really found out all that he did until he died…it was eye-opening to see all the places he went, and to think about being on a ship, moving from island to island, taking back the Pacific one lonely rock at a time.

for my last stop as I was leaving DC was Arlington, I went to the Marine Corps Memorial.

I cried.  Like a giant baby.  All 6-2 200 lbs of me, sobbing uncontrollably as I stood at the base of the monument.  I am sure that Buster was there with me that day.  I am sure he was happy that I recognized all he did for me, and for this country.  as I said this morning…they truly were the greatest generation.

Hats off to the veterans, each of us owe you a personal debt of thanks.

Also, I know I mentioned earlier about the pic of my grandfather in uniform…

Happy Veterans Day.